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Once again, welcome to the wet season!

Just like the green tree frogs after a shower the weather community has sprung back to life as the 2013 / 2014 wet season begins.

As the humidity begins to creep back there is a certain buzz in the air. The anticipation of torrential rains, strobing Cumulonimbus and rolling thunder begin to fill the hearts and minds of those familiar with our savage climate. While tempers fray under the influence of mango madness Mother Nature is preparing to remind us that she is still in control.

Darwin's weather community has really evolved over the last couple of years with some absolutely amazing photos and video being produced by weather enthusiasts, photographers and casual observers. Over the last three years Darwin has become increasingly recognised on the world stage as a leading weather hotspot attracting attention from all over the globe, something the locals knew and have argued all along! Attracting the attention of scientists and weather tourists from all corners of the earth Darwin will not disappoint

Stay posted for more updates as the fun unfolds...






.: Northern Exposure :. - A visual journey through Australia's Storm Capital



Many thanks to BSCH (Brisbane Storm Chasers) who run a number of 'weather cams' around Australia. Recently installed hardware in Darwin now gives everyone the opportunity to keep an eye on the weather. Many thanks to and X-Weather Live (Jason Harris) for his work organising these cameras. Including historical images, automatic time-lapse, and long exposure pictures at night provides a fantastic resource to the weather enthusiast community.


BSCH Webcam Page : http://webcams.bsch.au.com/darwin.html

"Darwin Cam" - CBD Looking to the SE - Click on the photo to go to the BSCH site

"Hector Cam" - Palmerston (Looking North) - Click on the photo to go to the BSCH site


Amazing close lightning strike captured by William Nguyen Phuoc on Christmas Day 2010

Check out some of his other fantastic work... NT Wildscapes

The brave young lady in this video, who is also a skilled and renown Top End photographer has a gallery at the Darwin Waterfront. Check out her website or drop in and see some amazing images in her gallery... StormBird Photography



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